Considering Buying Ultimate WP Blogging - Read This First!

I've been looking forward to this product, since I have been following Bilad Ahmad for years and would love to know how he got his blog to $4.000 per month. Although I haven't had time to go through the whole 30 day action plan yet, I can give you my first impressions, which are pretty good (and anyone who has read my reviews in the past knows I'm tough to please).


  • Detailed instructions abound throughout this course. John has left no stone unturned in the guidance that he offers in this course.
  • Created by a well known, successful blogger who is legit. Many IM courses are created by people that may or may not be successful at what they are teaching.
  • With teachings for all phases of IM, this is a course that both newbies and advanced marketers can learn from.
  • Comes with a detailed 30 day action plan to turn what you learn into real world action.


While there are videos, I would have liked to see a few more instructional videos, rather than the simple overview videos that are sprinkled throughout this site.

I would recommend this course for any new or seasoned bloggers. I am pretty new to blogging myself and really want to build a great blog of outstanding content and not just a make money online blog.