Ultimate WP Blogging - The Honest Review & Best Bonus

What is Ultimate WP Blogging?

Ultimate WP Blogging is a system designed for “newbies” and beginners, aimed to teach them about the blogging industry. It is a step-by-step comprehensive system which takes a complete newbie and turns them into a professional blogger.

Unlike other courses where complex terms and industry language is used to impress the readers, Ultimate WP Blogging is written in very simple English and conveys the ideas very clearly to readers. It shows the whole procedure in a very clear and concise manner for starting the first blog and setting up the online blogging business.

Blogging is one of the most lucrative and popular online businesses done by millions of users online. People are making a living out of it and enjoying the freedom it brings to their life. Apart from making money through blogs, one can also popularize themselves in the online world to establish identity and build followers.
Ultimate WP Blogging contains all the steps, procedures, techniques and strategies that are involved in blogging. It walks you through the basics and gives you the whole idea of creating your first blog and making money from it.


 What is included in Ultimate WP Blogging?

Ultimate WP Blogging

It has 8 modules which covers every part and explains the entire process with tips and strategies in a sequence. As a newbie, you will find it much easier and simpler to follow the directions mentioned in the Ultimate WP Blogging.

The terminologies used in the course are explained in the appropriate places which makes it convenient for the reader to understand the concept instantly.
The first section walks you through the introductory part which explains about the word “blogging” and the software used for blogging. It also walks you through the basic stuff needed for starting a blog. For example: domain name, webhosting and WordPress.
  • The 1stmodule walks you through the procedure for getting a domain name for your blog.
  • The 2ndmodule walks you through the procedure for getting a webhosting account for your blog.
  • The 3rd module is about connecting the domain name and webhosting account to setup your first blog.
  • The 4th module involves the procedure for installing your first blog through cPanel.
  • The 5th module explains each and every element of your blog so that you can easily operate and manage your blog.
  • The 6th module explains all the ways and techniques that are used to bring readers for your blog which ultimately will make money for you.
  • The 7th module shows you all the ways and techniques through which you can make money from a blog.
  • The 8th module shows you the secret ways that the author has used to make $20,000/month from his blogs. It also shows you the effective and proven strategies for making money through blogging.

    Is there any upsells?

    There are two upsells in the course.

    Video Series

    Furthermore, there is a video series available for readers of the Ultimate WP Blogging system which guides you through the entire process through video tutorials. For each module, there are video tutorials available that can be bought to better understand each and every technical aspect.

    Membership Program

    There is a membership program where users get access to the private forum which helps them in their blogging career by providing useful Done-For-You services, resources, secrets and strategies every month.
    It includes the following:
    1. Blog setup and installation service
    2. Search engine optimization service for blogs, so that it is ranked on the first pages of Google and other search engines.
    3. Technical support – The support team solves any problem related to HTML/CSS or PHP coding for the members.
    4. New ideas, strategies and secrets every month.
    5. Question & Answer session with successful bloggers every month.
    6. Useful tools, plugins and resources.
    7. 1 on 1 coaching and Skype chat.
    The Ultimate WP Blogging is a complete and comprehensive blueprint which helps a complete newbie to start blogging as a career and make thousands of dollars a month.